Advance Your Education from a Southern Maine Community College

Few things in life are as important as getting a quality education. No one can deny that a certificate or a degree from an accredited college is invaluable, but obtaining such credentials can be challenging. One option on the road to obtaining a degree is choosing to enroll at a community college rather than a four year university. A community college typically enjoys a much smaller student population and, therefore, a very attractive ratio of students to faculty. That means that attending a community college not only makes good economic sense, but also can provide better opportunities for student/teacher interaction than a larger school can.

Southern Maine Community College is an exemplary such institution located in Portland, Maine. As Maine’s largest city, the proximity of the college campus to the center of town is truly an advantage. This proximity allows the college to partner with local business to offer unique internship opportunities to students who are seeking real world experience to augment the educational value of their time here. Not only that, but the city provides students with cultural activities that enrich academic life and allow them to truly capitalize on their education.

Housed on the site of what was once Fort Preble, Southern Maine Community College possesses a beautiful campus on which students can reside. For students living on campus, the college provides housing and dining facilities. Many students also choose to commute in from Portland where they may live with family or rent an apartment with a roommate or two. Southern Maine Community College enjoys an enviable location next to Casco Bay. The campus literally possesses oceanfront property and the beach is a big draw for students both for studying and recreational purposes.

With a campus encompassing 80 acres and 45 different buildings, many of which are historical, there is plenty of room for students learn and explore at Southern Maine Community College. The institution prides itself on its ability to keep abreast of all the latest technological developments so that students may benefit fully from any innovations. On campus, there are approximately 500 computers available for student use and a technical support staff is on hand to assist students with the college’s computers, or even their own.

Southern Maine Community College is an excellent place to form lifelong friendships and discover mentors who can assist students during their college career and beyond. Every student is encouraged to actively participate in all facets of their college experience. This goes beyond the classroom, reaching into after class clubs, activities, and athletics. Southern Maine Community College truly believes that students can benefit from a well-rounded lifestyle that consists of hard work and some time to relax as well. With the lively, beautiful campus, and the sights of Portland within easy reach, students have plenty of opportunity for both.

Diverse academic programs are available at this community college. For some students this institution represents the culmination of their college career. They may be seeking a certificate or an Associate degree before heading straight to the workplace. Many of the college’s Career and Technical Programs are designed specifically to allow students to follow this path. Students may choose a major from such diverse subjects as: Medical Assisting, Lodging and Restaurant Management, Criminal Justice, Fire Science Technology, and many others. A few of these programs may also allow students to transfer their credits to a four year school where they can continue their education.

Some students enroll at Southern Maine Community College with the express purpose of obtaining the first two years of their college education in a great institution that offers a tremendous savings over attending a four year university. The college’s Liberal Studies program allows students to earn an Associate in Arts degree which they can then use to enroll as a junior at a number of four year schools. As an example, students who have earned this degree have gone on to study at Boston University, the University of Southern Maine, and Brandeis University, among others. This Associate degree program allows students to choose a field of concentration such as mathematics, history, or English as well as providing them with a solid foundation of general education requirements. Upon completion of this program, students will be ready to continue with the challenge of furthering their education.

Whether students choose to finish their educational career at Southern, or plan to continue their academic path at a four year university, this college offers tremendous opportunities for a lifetime of learning enrichment and the formation of lifelong friendships. The location is ideal: slightly removed from the bustle of the city, yet still accessible for internships and cultural activities. The school boasts a very low student to teacher ratio, typically 18:1, giving students all the advantages of an education that focuses on their individual needs.