Maine College Degrees Offer Students a Great Way to Begin a New Chapter

In southern Maine, residents are fortunate to have a reputable community college at which they can earn a certificate or degree. Many students who graduate from Southern Maine Community College go on to pursue a four-year degree at another institution, while others proceed immediately to work. Whether students attend school on a full- or part-time basis, Maine college degrees can assist individuals to regenerate a career, or help them begin a new job that offers new challenges and better fulfillment.

Earning a college degree is one of the best ways to advance in a career or begin a new one. Acquiring such credentials is the first step to an individual establishing themselves in a lifestyle to which they aspire. A degree can mean better income potential, the opportunity for promotion, recognition for skills acquired for use on the job, and a more secure future. Maine college degrees help the local population by creating a better-educated workforce that is ready to take on the challenges presented by an ever-evolving economy.

The course work required in order to complete Maine college degrees does not have to entirely take over the student’s life. In fact, many students can tailor their class schedule so that it allows them to continue to work full or part time and keep up with family obligations. Most students also make the time to get involved in a variety of on campus activities and recreational opportunities. Although not necessarily required, involvement with extracurricular activities like clubs and sports enriches the student’s experience and provides them with a better rounded education that balances work and play.

Many students at Southern Maine perform a daily balancing act with their many responsibilities. Rather than be deterred by such complexity, they are energized instead. The need to balance various obligations inspires students to be organized, plan ahead, and prioritize – all of which are important skills in the workplace. Even students who are studying on a full time basis still must find ways to make all the pieces of their life fit in with their education. This is a challenge that students seem to find worthwhile. The prestige of earning Maine college degrees, and the thorough preparation for work these studies provide, are well worth the effort required to achieve them.

For some students, Maine College degrees earned in the Portland region will be the only higher education they receive. Recognizing this, Southern Maine Community College strives to offer a wide array of programs that encompass diverse subject matter and can prepare students for numerous areas of work. Some students will work toward a technical certificate or degree that focuses on various aspects of a single area of study. Others will earn a more general degree that introduces them to a host of subject matters while still allowing room for one particular area of concentration. Perhaps the most versatile degree is that which is earned at the end of the Liberal Studies program. Although some students will not progress beyond this degree, others use it to enter a four year university as a student with junior standing. This allows them to continue on to earn a Bachelor’s degree and perhaps even a graduate degree.

Earning a degree can open any number of doors for students. With the proper training received from an accredited institution like Southern Maine Community College, students are prepared to enter the workforce with the knowledge and skills most employers require. The college offers a number of flexible programs that are sufficient to either start a new career, or provide a solid foothold for continuing education at another school.